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We are a compassion ministry serving the poor in Malawi East Africa for the sake of the Gospel.

Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Malawi, Africa

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About Us


Compassion Ministries

 We are a  US registered nonprofit ministry focused on  community development, including education, clean water, agriculture, teacher training, and other compassion ministries for the purpose of spreading the Gospel and demonstrating God’s love to the world.  


Christian Education for the Poorest of the Poor

We work in one of the poorest nations on Earth, working with the poorest of the poor in the villages of Southern Malawi.  

In our six village schools we feed and provide tuition-free, quality Christian education to over 300 children.   

Bible studies and discipleship classes in six rural villages.

Let Us Introduce Ourselves

We are George and Phyllis Crispi. Our work started many years before we began our work in Malawi. Our earliest work in missions goes all the way back to the mid 1990's.  

We have worked in Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, El Salvador, Peru, Venezuela, Haiti, Ireland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Russia, Togo, South Africa, Swaziland, and Malawi. We have also worked in disaster relief in the United States. We have built churches, orphanages, drug treatment centers, and schools. 


Our work in Malawi began May of 2010 with well repairs and health and nutrition instruction. Since then, our work has expanded to include many other compassion ministries among the poor in the rural villages of southern Malawi.

Church Planting and Discipleship

Bible Teaching

Bible teaching and discipleship training in six rural villages.

We established churches and are teaching the Bible and discipleship classes in six rural villages. 

Bible for Children


Hundreds of children are learning who Jesus is and how to follow Him. 

Bible Distribution


We have distributed  hundreds of Bibles. 

Agriculture and Infrastructure

Farming God's Way


 Farming God's Way not only teaches farmers better farming methods, but how to honor God with their lives by living their lives by biblical principles: 

Drilling Wells


Clean water saves lives. Drilling water wells relieves the burden of women and girls who otherwise would spend hours each day collecting water.  Having a well in her village will help girls stay in school and helps prevent dropout and early marriage. 

Building Bridges


The seven bridges we have built to date have helped over 1,000 children attend school during the rainy season.  Bridges also opens commerce and trade and shortens the distance women must travel to the markets and the maize mills.  

Education and Teacher Training

Preschools and Kindergartens


Preschools and kindergartens in six rural villages. 

Teacher Training


Full day of workshops every two weeks, internships, peer teaching, and co-teaching.  

Bible Teaching


Classes for boys and girls age preschool though teens. 

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